Business Sustainability

What is Business Sustainability?

Sustainable enterprise is doing business in a way that makes profits while avoiding harm to society and reducing impact on the environment. The challenges of avoiding harm to society and environment can be seen as business opportunities that serve a triple bottom line of profits, society, and the environment. Sustainable businesses pursue market solutions that push them ahead of the competition or help them to enter new markets with products better suited to long term growth.

The Spears School of Business is now offering a Graduate Certificate in Business Sustainability and Nonprofit Management. Students and working professionals pursuing these certificates will learn strategies that help companies pursue a financial profitability, ecological integrity, and social equity.

Graduate Certificate Requirements

Business Sustainability

Required Core Courses (6 hours)
MGMT 5023 Sustainable Enterprises
MGMT 5083 Business and Social Responsibility

Choose an additional 6 hours
MGMT 5031 Leading Organizational Change
MGMT 5051 Creating Ethical Work Places
MGMT 5061 Managing Confrontations
MGMT 5073 Ethical Leadership and Organizations
MGMT 5093 Business and Non-Profit Organizations
MGMT 5533 Leadership Challenges
MGMT 5563 Crisis in Organizations
EEE 5213 Entrepreneurship in Science and Technology
EEE 5403 Social Entrepreneurship
EEE 5603 Supporting Emerging Enterprises

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