MS in Entrepreneurship (MSE)


The Master’s in Entrepreneurship (MSE) full-time program provides a rigorous immersion into the nature of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process. Core content is coupled with a strong commitment to experiential learning. Students actually start a venture while in the program. The program is a component of the university-wide entrepreneurship emphasis at Oklahoma State University. It is targeted to students with a passion for entrepreneurship in for-profit, non-profit, and public sector contexts. It consists of 33 credit hours of coursework and practicum hours and can be completed in approximately 1 ½ years (three academic semesters). Each academic semester will feature a specific theme:

  • Semester 1: Opportunity Recognition and Ideation
  • Semester 2: Feasibility Analysis and Business Plan
  • Semester 3: Launch

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree required with a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • GMAT test score
  • Proposal for a new venture
  • Entrepreneurial and other work experience preferred but not required
  • For international students: Minimum TOEFL Score of 89

Target Audience

This is a full-time master’s program. We seek highly motivated students from diverse backgrounds interested in creating growth-oriented for-profit or non-profit ventures. Special emphasis will be placed on students from professional disciplines. Incoming students who have taken equivalent graduate level courses can petition to substitute these for foundation-level or entrepreneurship requirements, but still must complete at least 27 hours within the Program.

Program Objectives

The MSE program strives to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Enhance students’ self-efficacy regarding acting entrepreneurially in new and established organizations.
  2. Develop within students the ability to conceptualize and communicate the complex challenges and analytical skills toward identifying plausible solutions to overcome such challenges.
  3. Improve student ability to employ intuitive, imaginative thought to critically evaluate ideas, processes, experiences, and outcomes associated with new venture creation.
  4. Enhance student competencies in the areas of opportunity recognition, risk management, resource leveraging, and business planning.
  5. Develop within students a first-hand appreciation for the nature of the entrepreneurial experience itself.
  6. Increase the appreciation among students for the need to engage in entrepreneurial behaviors that reflect high ethical standards, create ventures that contribute to societal well-being, and give back to the communities that make their ventures possible.


The MS in Entrepreneurship is a 1 ½ year program consisting of 33 credit hours. The credit hours consist of 12 credit hours of business foundation core, 18 credit hours of entrepreneurial core, and three hours of practicum credit.

Business Creation Requirement

While the program does not require a thesis, a requirement for graduation is that students complete a feasibility analysis and business plan for an original idea, complete an additional set of deliverables (further explained in the handbook), and either start the business or be poised to start the business following graduation. Space will be available within the MSE New Venture Lab incubator for qualified students to start their ventures.

Total Immersion and Support

Students in the Master’s in Entrepreneurship Program will be afforded numerous learning opportunities outside of the classroom. They will be able to get involved in the Riata Business Plan Competition, the OSU Cowboy Entrepreneurship Bootcamps, the Veterans with Disabilities Entrepreneurship Program (VEP), Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (WISE), the Entrepreneurship Empowerment in South Africa Program, the Riata Entrepreneurial Internship, the Technology Commercialization Project, the OSU Entrepreneurial Mentors Program, and other such initiatives. In addition, as students launch their ventures, they will have access to the OSU entrepreneurial network.

Career Prospects

The focus of the program is students creating their own ventures and jobs. As such, graduates will be prepared to start, manage, grow and exit ventures that they create alone and with partners. The skill set associated with successful venture creation can clearly add value in a wide range of professional contexts both in the public and private sector. However, the prime emphasis is on new venture creation.

Additional Information

The MSE Full-Time Student Handbook offers complete details regarding course offerings, sample schedules, academic standards, the business start practicum, etc. The 2012-2013 MSE Full-Time Student Handbook is available below:

MS Handbook