Can I take all the classes in Tulsa and complete the degree there?

by Spears School Support 
(June 2, 2016 at 9:31 am)

The MBA part-time program can be completed entirely in Tulsa, but the full-time program requires some coursework to be completed at the Stillwater campus.

The Master’s degrees in MIS and Information Assurance are based in Stillwater, with all classes available at OSU-Stillwater or through online enrollment; an occasional class may be available at OSU-Tulsa. Neither degree can be completed at the Tulsa campus.

The MSQFE program is based in Stillwater with most classes only available at the Stillwater campus; several classes are offered at OSU-Tulsa, but the degree cannot be completed at the Tulsa campus. It is not available for completion through online enrollment.

The Master’s degrees in Accounting and Economics are only based in Stillwater.

Ph.D. programs are only available at the Stillwater campus.