Tuition and Financial Aid

Admission to the doctoral program in the School of Accounting includes a teaching and research assistantship. The teaching assistantship involves teaching one section each fall and spring semester. It is normally provided in the student’s first and last years. Students are mentored by experienced faculty members to develop their teaching skills. The research assistantship is normally provided in the student’s second and third years. Each student is assigned to a faculty member to work on research projects. Students develop as full partners on research projects with the expectation of co-authorship. The research assistantship is expected to result in one or more publications by the time the student graduates. Both the research and teaching assistantships pay approximately $1,582 per month for nine months, or $14,238 per year. This amount will be increased to reflect any future increases in the university assistantship budgets. Some doctoral students choose to teach in the summer to earn additional support.

Signing Bonus:

At the beginning of a student’s first semester, the School of Business typically provides a signing bonus up to $5,000 and a moving allowance of $1,500.

Summer Financial Support:

Additional summer research support of $7,000 each year is provided to all doctoral students in residence for the first four years.

Tuition Waiver Scholarships:

Both in-state and non-resident tuition is waived for candidates who are awarded assistantships.

University –Paid Medical Insurance:

Each doctoral student who is on an assistantship is automatically enrolled in the university-paid graduate student medical insurance plan (this covers student only, not family coverage). This coverage is for the full 12 months so long as the candidate is on an assistantship.

Item Compensation
One-time moving allowance $1,500
Signing bonus 5,000
Assistantship (guaranteed for 4 years assuming satisfactory performance in the program and in fulfilling assigned duties) 14,238
Summer research support 7,000
Non-resident tuition waiver based on the assumption that a student takes 9 hrs in the fall and spring and 6 hrs in the summer ($667 per hour x 24 credit hours) 16,008
In-state tuition waiver based on the assumption that a student takes 9 hrs in the fall and spring and 6 hrs in the summer ($168.50 per hour x 24 credit hours) 4,044
University paid graduate student health insurance ($1,284 yearly) 1,284
Total approximate value of financial aid in the first year $49,074

Other Grants and Fellowships:

Numerous other grants and fellowships are available to candidates as they progress through the program.

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